On-Site Interpreting

SAI provides in-person interpreting in over 300+ languages.

Why Choose SAI’s On-Site Interpreting?

Our On-Site Interpreting solutions include both consecutive and simultaneous modes and are customized to meet our client’s specifications. Different situations call for different interpreting modalities.

On-Site Interpreting is ideal for:

Frequently Asked Questions

In the simultaneous interpreting mode, the interpreters listen to, analyze and interpret the message at the same time (with just a slight lag) and same rate of delivery as the person speaking. It is the most challenging mode of interpreting and requires specialized skills and interpreting equipment.

Required Equipment: We offer portable equipment for fully or partially enclosed interpreting booths and technical support to ensure a seamless experience for all of your participants.

In this mode, the interpreter allows the speaker to utter a full thought, then transmits the message in the other language. Since each person pauses often to allow the interpreter to relay the message. It is best suited for one-on-one conversations or discussions, or in small groups where all or most participants would benefit from the interpretation.

Required Equipment: None

Accurate and Efficient

Interprets Body Language

Offers a Personal Approach

Breaks Down Language and Culture Barriers

Interpreter Request

SAI is committed to fulfilling your company’s language needs. To learn how we can help you with our interpreting services, please fill out our form, submit, or call us at 210-960-4560.

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