Job Coach services

SAI provides job coaching in 300+ Languages including American Sign Language.

Why Choose SAI’s Job Coaching Services?

SAI affords additional value to businesses by offering Job Coaching and Deaf Support Specialists to organizations needing to integrate their bilingual or deaf employees into their work environment, establish reasonable accommodations, and improve communication amongst staff.

Job Coaches do this by learning details of a job as part of employee training. The coach analyzes the requirements of the job band then works side by side with the employee for a specified period of time. Job coaches play a vital role in retention efforts as well and assist employers in keeping workers who have been vetted and trained. They serve as a liaison between the employee and manager to resolve communication issues.

Bilinigual Job Coaches including ASL Fluent

Develops techniques to increase independence

Identifies need for reasonable accommodations

Helps integrate deaf employees to the team

Teach and reinforce skills

Increase Job Independence

Resolves communication issues

Job Coach Request

Rent the right interpretation equipment to convey your message clearly and effectively. Reach out to us with your equipment requirements or event details, and we’ll assist you in finding the ideal solution for your specific situation.

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